Asbestos Exposure on Ships:


The USS Carl Vinson is the United States Navy ship with the most nick-names in recorded history, being called more than ten different ways. The official name of the ship, Carl Vinson, comes from a Congressman from Georgia that was still alive at the time of the vessel’s christening. There were only a handful of ships in the American navy being named after someone that was still alive when the ship bearing his or her name was launched.

The USS Carl Vinson was ordered on the 5th of April 1974, and construction started on the 11th of October 1975. The vessel was commissioned to active service on the 13th of March 1982. Having several nick-names, the USS Carl Vinson is still in active service today. The USS Carl Vinson was one of the first aircraft carriers built specifically to handle jet engine planes and helicopters. Here are some of her characteristics:

  • Nimitz class aircraft carrier
  • 103000 tons in weight
  • 1092 feet in length
  • One of the first war ships to be powered by nuclear reactors
  • The steam turbines produce over 260000 horse power
  • Maximum speed of 30 knots
  • Unlimited range
  • Crew of almost 6000 people, including pilots and officers
  • Vast arsenal of the most advanced warfare equipment, such as radar and guidance systems
  • She can carry 90 fighter jets with normal wings and several helicopters

Asbestos on the USS Carl Vinson has serious consequences

It is important to know that the USS Carl Vinson’s advanced propulsion system powered by twin nuclear reactors requires heavy insulation and isolation from the rest of the ship, and because the ship was built prior to the banning of asbestos, it contains some of the largest amounts of this mineral. Crew members could be exposed to this mineral and develop severe health issues, that could even result to death. Asbestos fibers were released each time an asbestos containing material was damaged. These fibers are known today as the one and only cause of mesothelioma.

Have you been exposed to asbestos on the USS Carl Vinson? Contact an attorney!

Crew members of other United States Navy ships that have been exposed to asbestos and developed a severe disease as a result, have acted legally and most of the times received rightful compensation. We recommend that you do likewise if you want to take advantage of asbestos compensation funds. Contact a lawyer and he will guide through the rest of the process.

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