Asbestos Exposure on Ships:


The ship named USS John F. Kennedy is an aircraft carrier ordered on the 30th of April 1964. The USS John F. Kennedy was built during the 22nd of October 1964 and the 27th of May 1967 by Northrop. At first, the USS John F. Kennedy was designed as an air combat ship only, but she was launched as a CV, meaning that the ship was also capable of anti-submarine combat. She was one of the first aircraft carriers of the United States Navy to receive helicopters and jet engine fighters on board. She suffered important damage when undertaking night operations and collided with the USS Belknap. The USS John F. Kennedy was used in the Desert Storm operation. The ship had more than 28 commanding officers during her entire career as an active aircraft carrier of the United States Navy. The USS John F. Kennedy was decommissioned from active service on the 1st of August 2007 and is currently waiting for the decision on her fate. Here are the ships’ main characteristics:

  • John F. Kennedy class supercarrier
  • 82655 tons in full weight
  • 1052 feet in overall length
  • Eight boilers and four steam turbines producing over 280000 horse power were used as propulsion
  • Maximum speed of 34 knots
  • 3297 crew (without aircraft pilots and personnel)
  • Could carry over 80 jet engine aircraft

Asbestos on the USS John F. Kennedy has serious consequences

It is very important for any former crew member to be reminded the dangers he or she was exposed to o board United States Navy ships. Asbestos materials were used mostly around the boilers and other subsystems of the propulsion mechanism, and while performing maintenance work, these materials were damaged constantly. This allowed them to release asbestos fibers, the source of all health problems related to the mineral when inhaled or swallowed.

Have you been exposed to asbestos on the USS John F. Kennedy? Contact an attorney!

We remind every former crew member of United States Navy ships that they could have developed severe health problems because of the asbestos exposure received during their active service. If so, they are entitled to contacting an asbestos attorney and undertake one of several legal actions available. Make sure to contact a specialized asbestos or mesothelioma attorney because he or she will be able to provide will all the needed expertise.

Do not hesitate to contact an asbestos professional if you require information on any asbestos related issue. It is completely free.