Asbestos Exposure on Ships:


USS Valley Forge (CV, CVA, CVS-45, LPH-8) was built during and after a short period after World War II. The ship was one of the 24th long-hull Essex-class carriers build, from the United States Navy and was a. The carrier was the first one to bear this name in the US navy sips and got her name from the Valley Forge, the winter encampment of General George Washington’s Continental Army (1777-1778). This carrier was laid down on 14 September 1943 and launched on 8th July 1945.The ship was commissioned on 3rd November 1946, with the Captain John W. Harris in command and was sponsored by Mrs. Alexander A. Vandergrift. The ship served in the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Carrier was reclassified as an attack carrier, then as a submarine and in the end as an amphibious assault ship in order to carry helicopters and marines. Served in Atlantic and Caribbean, was the first ship to recover vessel from Mercury space mission. Valley Forge was decommissioned on 16 January 1970 and sold for scrap in 1971.

Some of the main characteristics of Valley Forge:

  • Essex-class aircraft carrier
  • 27.100 tons standard, 888 feet length, 93 feet beam
  • A maximum speed of 33 knots
  • 3448 officers and enlisted served on board
  • Was awarded eight battle stars for Korean War and nine for Vietnam War

Asbestos on board the USS Valley Forge has serious consequences

As you can imagine, crew members of the United States Navy ships faced a lot of risks and dangers while in their active duty period. Asbestos exposure was one of the most deadly, being second only to battle casualties. Asbestos exposure is mainly dangerous in the long run, because most diseases it can cause remain latent for at least a decade. This is important to know, because remembering when you were exposed can help the doctor determine hot to approach the problem.

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