USS Sheehan (DE-541) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Sheehan (DE-541) was a United States Navy John C. Butler-class destroyer escort launched during World War II. The ship was laid down at Boston Navy Yard at Boston, Massachusetts, on 8 November 1943 and launched on 17 December 1943, sponsored by Mrs. Catherine Sheehan, mother of Chief Quartermaster John Francis Sheehan, the ship's namesake. On 30 August 1945, the USS Sheehan (DE-541) was assigned to the Atlantic Inactive Fleet in an incomplete state. It was sold on 2 July 1946 to the John J. Duane Company of Quincy, Massachusetts, for scrapping. Asbestos was incorporated in hundreds of products used in US Navy ships due to its low cost, tensile strength, and thermal inertness. Veterans suffering from asbestos-related ailments may be eligible for compensation from one or more of the trust funds established for asbestos victims, as well as from the VA.

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