Furness Shipbuilding Company Areas With Asbestos Exposure

Furness Shipbuilding Company

As a shipbuilding company in Haverton Hill, Stockton on Tees, England, Furness Shipbuilding Company was founded in 1917 and closed in 1979. It was initially established as one of the emergency shipyards where ships damaged in the war would be repaired. Furness Shipbuilding Company was incorporated as a private company from the beginning and covered 85 acres on the River Tees' north bank at Haverton Hill, opposite Middlesbrough. During World War I and afterward, workers in England were exposed to asbestos, too, unfortunately. Most exposure would occur when they had to cut or sand asbestos products that released fibers. They would subsequently inhale or ingest the carcinogenic fibers.

Furness Shipbuilding Company and Asbestos Exposure Ships

USS Barnett (APA-5)

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USS McCawley (APA-4)

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