Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Areas With Asbestos Exposure

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

The official name of this shipyard is Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility. It is a U.S. Navy shipyard on Puget Sound at Bremerton, Washington, and it has been in uninterrupted use since 1891. During World War I, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard built military ships, including 25 subchasers, 7 submarines, 2 minesweepers, 2 ammunition ships, and 1,700 small boats. Sadly, people who were in charge of constructing these vessels were heavily exposed to asbestos, as the mineral was essential in shipbuilding. Insulators had the highest risk of inhaling and ingesting toxic fibers, as they had to disturb the insulation when installing it, which released asbestos fibers. Members of the military who were aboard the ships were also exposed to the mineral.

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