Our site should be seen an information resource for asbestos and the problem it caused on board United States Navy ships. You can find detailed information on numerous ships, well known during the Second World War period, including legal and medical advice for any potential victims or former crew members of the respective ships.

The hazard of asbestos containing ships in USA

Until the banning of asbestos, in the late 60’s, asbestos was present on every military ship of the United State Navy. As we know today, asbestos can be very dangerous under certain circumstances, especially if it is airborne, and the victim inhales or swallows that dust. Prolonged exposure to such an environment is not recommended, and is known to create higher chances of pulmonary cancer or mesothelioma. There have been some mesothelioma patients that developed their disease after being a crew member of one of these ships for at least 3 years.

Asbestos exposure can also lead to milder health problems, most of them having to do with the breathing function of our body. People exposed to small amounts of fibers will have difficulty breathing and in some cases, swallowing.

Where is asbestos used on a ship?

Firstly, we have to say why asbestos was used where it was used. This natural material was used because of its insulating and fireproofing properties and characteristics. On board navy ships, asbestos was used inside insulation and fireproofing materials. It could be seen in some areas, such as the boilers, underwater hatches, insulation for deck doors and for fireproofing key areas of the ship. Asbestos could also be found in underlayment on navy ships. Unfortunately, asbestos was used in areas that crew members were always using in some way, so that the dangerous materials were subject to extreme wear and tare, allowing them to release the deadly fibers.Asbestos on Ships

How can asbestos affect my health?

Asbestos will affect your health in many different ways, depending on many different aspects. These are some of the most important diseases caused by asbestos:

  • Asbestosis (scarring of the lungs, prevents the lungs from expanding and contracting freely)
  • Pleural thickening, and other diseases caused by the fibers reaching the pleura (the pleura is attacked by the fibers, and very deep and wide spread scarring appears)
  • Mesothelioma (a rare type of cancer, at the moment it is not curable by conventional medicine)

The incidence of the cases of these diseases is alarming, as there are several victims who do not contract them through direct exposure, but through secondary exposure. No matter the type of exposure, any contact with asbestos should be avoided, either home, at school or at work.

Any questions you could have we can answer. You just have to contact an asbestos professional. It is completely free.