Companies That Provided Asbestos-Contaminated Products for the US NAVY


For several decades asbestos was widely used in the shipbuilding process due to its insulation properties. Many companies from the United States took advantage of the mineral's properties and started to manufacture insulation products. Unfortunately, many individuals got sick following asbestos exposure, leading to thousands of cases of mesothelioma, asbestosis and other forms of cancer among US veterans. You can check the list below with the main companies that provided asbestos-contaminated products.

Founded: 1883
Location: Zurich
Business: industrial equipment manufacturing
Products: in high-capacity transformers and electrical systems

Founded: 1958
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Business: insulation products manufacturing
Products: construction materials like cement, insulation, gaskets, tiles, boards and paper

Founded: 1928
Location: Portsmouth, Virginia
Business: automobile parts manufacturing
Products: brakes and wheels for railroad cars, hydraulic systems for airplanes and ships, brake linings for cars and other basic friction parts

Founded: 1950
Location: Norristown, Pennsylvania
Business: cloth manufacturing
Products: wick, rope, yarn, lap, thread, and cord

Founded: 1860
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Business: construction materials manufacturing
Products: wine bottle corks and, later on, insulating corkboard, fiberboard and other similar products

Founded: 1867
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Business: nuclear and oil power generation technologies
Products: patented water-tube boilers

Founded: 1961
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Business: building products manufacturing
Products: gypsum wallboards

Founded: 1919
Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Business: mechanical insulation contractor

Founded: 1921
Location: Tampa, Florida
Business: building products manufacturing
Products: wool, cement, duct insulation, felt, cloth, millboard, rope

Founded: 1904
Location: Valley Forge, Philadelphia
Business: building materials manufacturing
Products: cement pipe, roof coating, cold process cement, joint treating compound, plastic cement and sealing cement

Founded: 1929
Location: Thomasville, Georgia
Business: boiler room equipment manufacturing
Products: boilers, burners, water systems

Founded: 1912
Location: Stamford, Connecticut
Business: engineering, fossil fuel and nuclear power
Products: boilers, cement, insulation, adhesives and coatings with asbestos

Founded: 1886
Location: Mercerville, New Jersey
Business: construction products manufacturing
Products: asbestos floor tiles, vinyl and linoleum flooring

Founded: 1892
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Business: construction products manufacturing
Products: pipe covering, block insulation, mineral wool insulating cement, mineral wool finishing cement

Founded: 1916
Location: Dearborn, Michigan
Business: storage battery manufacturing
Products: batteries

Founded: 1897
Location: Port Kennedy, Pennsylvania
Business: thermal insulation products manufacturing
Products: pipe insulation, millboard, felt, rope, cement

Founded: 1899
Location: Southfield, Michigan
Business: industrial products manufacturing
Products: bearings, pistons, valvetrain, valve seats and guide, sealing, ignition rings and liners

Founded: 1963
Location: Houston, Texas
Business: static sealing products manufacturing
Products: gaskets

Founded: 1927
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Business: equipment for engineering, construction, oil, coal and power industries supplier
Products: steam condensers, pumps and heat exchangers

Founded: 1886
Location: Wayne, New Jersey
Business: building products manufacturing
Products: cement, millboard, pipe covering, sponge felt, supercell, vinyl floor tile

Founded: 1887
Location: Palmyra, New York
Business: sealing products manufacturing
Products: seals, gaskets, sheet gaskets, asbestos cloth, packing material, pump packing, ring packing, rope packing, sheet packing and valve packing

Founded: 1892
Location: Fairfield, Connecticut
Business: nuclear reactors, jet engines and other electronic products manufacturing
Products: turbines, furnaces, cables and wires

Founded: 1908
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Business: automotive parts manufacturing
Products: brakes, clutch linings, brake linings

Founded: 1926
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Business: building and construction products manufacturing
Products: paint, plasticrylic panels, bonding cement, joint compound, insulating cement, cement siding

Founded: 1866
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Business: industrial products manufacturing
Products: yarn, tape, felt, compound, cloth, canvas

Founded: 1865
Location: Moon Township, Pennsylvania
Business: industrial materials manufacturing
Products: refractory materials, firebrick, castables, cement

Founded: 1906
Location: Morristown, New Jersey
Business: construction products and brakes manufacturing
Products: brake linings, brake pads, cement, brakes, caulk

Founded: 1905
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Business: industrial equipment manufacturing
Products: valve packing, compressors, sheet packing, steam pump packing, gaskets

Founded: 1932
Location: California
Business: industrial refractory contractor

Founded: 1917
Location: Morton Grove, Illinois
Business: industrial sealing products manufacturing
Products: power transmission couplings, mechanical seals, filtration systems and seal support systems

Founded: 1858
Location: Denver, Colorado
Business: construction products manufacturing
Products: wallboard, roofing, cement board, gaskets, pipe insulation, clothing or floor tiles

Founded: 1946
Location: Foothill Ranch, California
Business: construction products manufacturing
Products: asbestos fireboard, cement, firebrick, compound, block insulation

Founded: 1946
Location: San Carlos, California
Business: paint and paint products manufacturing
Products: tape, textured coating, spackling, joint compound, paint, cement

Founded: 1898
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Business: tiles and related flooring products manufacturing
Products: floor tiles

Founded: 1905
Location: Tampa, Florida
Business: high pressure valves manufacturing
Products: valves, pumps, pipe insulation, gaskets

Founded: 1895
Location: Euclid, Ohio
Business: welding equipment manufacturing
Products: welding rods

Founded: 1925
Location: Mokena, Illinois
Business: refractory heat enclosures manufacturing
Products: block insulation, rope, cement, mineral wool block

Founded: 1911
Location: Irving, Texas
Business: oil and gas production
Products:?heat-generating vessels and carriers, pipelines, pumps, reactors, furnaces, ovens, dryers, heat exchangers, boilers and protective clothing worn by refinery workers

Founded: 1925
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Business: construction products manufacturing
Products: textured coating, tar paper, tape, spray, shingles, mortar, caulk, compound, felt, gypsum, millboard, cement

Founded: 1873
Location: Ambler, Pennsylvania
Business: construction, insulation and auto parts manufacturing
Products: shingles, pipe insulation, cement, yarn, spray, tape, cloth, brake pads, gaskets, roof coating, paper, boiler coating

Founded: 1935
Location: Toledo, Ohio
insulation and other building materials manufacturing
Products: fiberglass insulation

Founded: 1929
Location: Perrysburg, Ohio
Business: fiberglass manufacturing
Products: fiberglass

Founded: 1921
Location: Cinnaminson, New Jersey
Business: insulation products manufacturing
Products: fire curtains, cloth, aprons

Founded: 1914
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Business: refractory products and pliable brick materials manufacturing
Products: boiler wall coating, insulating cement

Founded: 1943
Location: Leeds, Alabama
Business: insulation products manufacturing
Products: fire board, curtain wall, mineral board, pipe insulation

Founded: 1901
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Business: insulation products manufacturing
Products: iron, brick and coal

Founded: 1894
Location: Bayonne, New Jersey
Business: painting, patching and wood finishing products manufacturing
Products: vinyl wallpaper, plaster, roof coating, joint compound, putty

Founded: 1901
Location: San Francisco, California
Business: roofing materials manufacturing
Products: liquid sealing, joint compound and cement

Founded: 1941
Location: Wagoner, Oklahoma
Business: industrial and insulation products manufacturing
Products: wool, tape, rope, insulating cement, gaskets, felt, packing material, pipe insulation, brake linings, blankets

Founded: 1967
Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
Business: insulation products
Products: fiberglass pipe insulation, fiberglass pipe covering, fire blankets, duct board, duct wrap, tapes, adhesives or hardcast coatings

Founded: 1886
Location: Monroeville, Pennsylvania
Business: industrial products manufacturing
Products: turbines, packing material, cloth, gaskets, cables and wires

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