USS Clearfield (APA-142) - Facts and Asbestos Exposure


The USS Clearfield (APA-142), a Haskell Class Attack Transport, was built by California Shipbuilding Corp., Wilmington, California, with a Victory ship design (VC2-S-AP5). The ship was named after Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, and sponsored by Mrs. F. L. Chambers. The USS Clearfield (APA-142) was launched under a Maritime Commission contract on November 21, 1944. On January 11, 1945, the US Navy acquired the USS Clearfield (APA-142) and deployed to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater in World War II. The ship was commissioned on January 12, 1945, under the command of Captain F. C. Stelter.

After World War II, the USS Clearfield (APA-142) was deployed to the Occupation and China service in the Far East. The USS Clearfield (APA-142) has been honored with one battle star for its service in World War II.

Technical Features of the USS Clearfield (APA-142)

Class and type: Haskell Class Attack Transport
Launch date: November 21, 1944
Commissioning date: January 12, 1945
Decommissioning date: March 4, 1946
Displacement: 6,873 tons (light) and 14,837 tons (full)
Length: 455'
Draft: 24'
Beam: 62'
Speed: 17.7 knots (trial)
Complement: 56 officers and 480 enlisted
Propulsion: one Westinghouse geared turbine, two Babcock and Wilcox header-type boilers, 465psi 750 deg, double Westinghouse Main Reduction Gears, three 300 kW 120V/240V DC Ship Service Generators, one propeller, 8,500shp.
Armament: 1x single 5"/38 caliber dual-purpose gun mount, 4 twin 40mm AA gun mounts, one quad 40mm AA gun mount, ten single 20mm AA gun mounts

History of the USS Clearfield (APA-142)

The USS Clearfield (APA-142) was commissioned on January 12, 1945, under the command of Capt. Frederick C. Stelter, Jr. After loading construction battalion troops and cargo at Port Hueneme, California, the ship departed on March 9, 1945, on a mission to Pearl Harbor, Eniwetok, Ulithi, and Okinawa. Upon arrival to Okinawa on April 17th, the pieces of equipment were disembarked at le Shima, where an airfield was built. The ship left Okinawa on April 26th to San Francisco, where Army replacement troops were loaded to be transported to Manila. On arrival at Manila on June 23rd, the ship moved occupation troops among the Philippine islands and then departed to Tokyo on August 27th. From September 4, 1945, the USS Clearfield started operations between Okinawa, Manila, and ports in China, transporting Marines and Chinese troops and thereby supporting the reoccupation of Northern China.

The ship then sailed towards Tacoma, Washington, for an overhaul on December 2nd, followed by which the ship sailed to Norfolk, where it arrived on February 4, 1946. Finally, the USS Clearfield (APA-142) was decommissioned on March 4, 1946, and returned to the War Shipping Administration on March 6, 1946, for lay-up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet. The ship was struck off the Navy list and sold for scrapping in the year 1973.

Asbestos Risks on the USS Clearfield (APA-142)

The USS Clearfield (APA-142) was one of the amphibious warships, also called "gator freighters," which formed an integral part of the U.S. Navy. These ships were designed for the transport of troops and also for the discharge of ground force cargo. Commissioned in the early 1940s, these ships served in World War II. The USS Clearfield (APA-142) was built using a variety of building materials containing asbestos and thus posed a health risk to the crew members and passengers.

Asbestos was extensively used throughout the pipe units, and sailors usually stayed in close quarters with inadequate ventilation. As a result, sailors often breathed in airborne asbestos fibers released from the wet pipes as well as other asbestos-containing materials on board. Although the US military has completed asbestos removal from most of the ships, the veterans who previously served aboard USS Clearfield (APA-142) may be at risk of developing asbestos-related diseases.

Have You Been Exposed to Asbestos on the USS Clearfield (APA-142)

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