Veteran’s Day, the Time to Honor and Remembrance

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Veterans have endured and survived situations unknown to most civilians. When duty called, they sacrificed time spent with their families to ensure the safety of our nation and country. To be the family of a Veteran also calls for dedication worth appreciating, as those families faced challenges most American families will never see.

On Veteran's Day, we're here to pay homage and offer our unwavering support to all who wore the uniform and made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. We value and honor the devotion of the families who supported their members in service and often put their lives on hold to be able to do so.

Asbestos exposure was among the many challenges Navy Veterans faced during their duty, a health risk factor on all warships built between the early 1930s and the mid-1970s. All U.S. Navy ships had asbestos in large amounts, from the boiler room to the sleeping quarters, so avoiding exposure to the fibers was impossible. It was present in most parts of a ship because of its ability to resist heat and flame, considered shipbuilding's wonder material at that time.

When inhaled over an extended period, the asbestos fibers can cause long-term inflammation in the lungs and, in 20 to 50 years, can create asbestos-related health problems, such as asbestosis. There are telltale signs of a degenerative process in the respiratory system every Veteran should pay attention to:

Many Navy Veterans may eventually have these symptoms, although there may be no signs of asbestos-related diseases in the early stages.

Veterans Should Tell Their Doctor About Any Possible Exposure They May Have Had

Going to the doctor and getting a precise diagnosis can improve life expectancy when you watch for any unexpected changes in your health. Taking precautions is advisable even if you have not yet developed health problems due to asbestos exposure but are nonetheless worried. By scheduling an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible and requesting a chest X-ray, you ensure that you are precisely and adequately diagnosed. Treatment options and outcomes improve considerably if an asbestos-related condition is diagnosed in its early phases.

Since the symptoms of asbestos-related pulmonary diseases are similar to those of the common pulmonary affections, conditions that develop from asbestos exposure often get misdiagnosed. Given that a correct diagnosis is vital for receiving the proper treatment, it is best to get a second or even third opinion from the doctors.

In the case you suffered exposure to asbestos during your service in the Navy, you could apply for disability compensation by taking notice of the following asbestos diseases that make you eligible for VA disability benefits:

Being diagnosed with one of the following asbestos-related conditions alone, you're not eligible for compensation, but given these illnesses are frequently misdiagnosed and have a high risk of becoming cancer, you need to receive a second or even a third medical opinion:

Asking for another expert opinion outside the VA for an exact diagnosis is advisable, as a cancerous asbestos disease will qualify you for claims.

Helping Veterans Diagnosed with Asbestos-Related Illnesses to Apply for Financial Compensation

Veterans of the Navy, Coast Guard, U.S. Army Transport Service, Merchant Marine, and Air Force diagnosed with asbestos-related malignant diseases may seek compensation to pay for their medical treatments, lost income, and other expenditures. Legal claims are subject to a statute of limitations, so being informed about it spares you any attempt to file for claims after the statute of limitations has expired and helps to avoid situations where you cannot pursue compensation.

To prevent any problematic financial and emotional scenario that could emerge from not being able to file for the deserved claims, contact an attorney as soon as possible following your diagnosis. This way, you can rest assured knowing they'll get everything filed on time. We can assist you with getting in touch with experienced attorneys who can help you get the financial aid you deserve for your trouble and suffering. Don't hesitate to contact us now; we're here to help.

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