Galveston Shipyard Areas With Asbestos Exposure

Galveston Shipyard

Currently known under the name Southwest Shipyard, the shipyard is located in Galveston, Texas, and was established in 1954. Regrettably, because the shipyard was active during the heyday of asbestos, it unavoidably made use of the mineral itself, which put the health of numerous employees at great risk. Everyone who was working at the shipyard was exposed to asbestos to a certain degree, as the mineral was extremely versatile and would be used for plenty of purposes back in the day. It was present in insulation, floor tiles, wallboard, boilers, pipes, and many other materials and equipment. If you were employed at Galveston Shipyard before 1980, you should pay close attention to your health.

Ships Built/Repaired on Galveston Shipyard

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