Gazzier Shipyard Areas With Asbestos Exposure

Gazzier Shipyard

Gazzier Shipyard was founded in 1979 and is situated in Irvington, Alabama. It currently has a yearly revenue of $500,000 and is a manufacturer and repairer of ships. While the company was established just when the use of asbestos was about to end within the industry, people employed at Gazzier Shipyard came in contact with the harmful mineral, as it was completely banned from making new products in the late 1980s. Undoubtedly, insulators had the highest risk of asbestos exposure, as they had to handle friable asbestos materials to insulate machinery, equipment, and components. Asbestos exposure occurs by inhaling and ingesting airborne fibers. If you had a job at Gazzier Shipyard and encountered asbestos, you should keep a close eye on your health.

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