Grand Isle Shipyard Areas With Asbestos Exposure

Grand Isle Shipyard

Established in 1948 with an emphasis on boat repairs, Grand Isle Shipyard is located in Houston, Texas. From the very beginning, the mission of the company was to provide optimum services at a reasonable cost. Over the decades, the company has expanded significantly, as it now offers a full range of construction services, such as full-service fabrication facilities including pipe and structural, and environmental including tank cleaning and hazardous materials remediation. Regrettably, during the last century, the shipyard exposed employees to asbestos, which is why many former shipyard workers are now struggling with awful diseases such as lung cancer. Insulators were perhaps the most at-risk occupational group when it came to asbestos exposure, as they had to handle asbestos directly.

Ships Built/Repaired on Grand Isle Shipyard

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