Chickasaw Shipbuilding Areas With Asbestos Exposure

Chickasaw Shipbuilding

Founded in 1917 by the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company, a division of U.S. Steel in Birmingham, Alabama, this shipyard was envisioned as the future hub of Gulf Shipbuilding for both public and private users, including the U.S. Department of Defense. After World War I, the yard was decommissioned but reopened in 1940 as Gulf Shipbuilding by Waterman Steamship Corp. It was one of eleven manufacturers chosen by the Navy to construct Fletcher-class destroyers weighing 2,100 tons, during the heyday of asbestos. Shipyards such as Gulf Shipyard/Chickasaw Shipyard, Mobile, AL have been the site of widespread exposure to asbestos for thousands of workers in various trades.

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