Gulfport Shipbuilding Corporation Areas With Asbestos Exposure

Gulfport Shipbuilding Corporation

Founded in 1930, the shipyard, also known as Gulfport Boiler & Welding Works, was active until 1985. It was a small shipyard located in Port Arthur, Texas. During World War II, Gulfport Shipbuilding Corporation built Tank Barges, a Type B ship, and Tugboats, a Type V ship. Sadly, everyone who worked at this shipyard was heavily exposed to asbestos. While the military vessels were constructed, the air would be clouded with asbestos dust, which employees would inevitably breathe in and swallow. They would not wear protective gear, as asbestos companies were keeping the dangers of asbestos exposure hidden from everyone. If you are a former employee of Gulfport Shipbuilding Corporation, you should keep a close eye on the health of your lungs.

Ships Built/Repaired on Gulfport Shipbuilding Corporation

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