A.A.A. Shipyard (Triple A) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

A.A.A. Shipyard (Triple A)

Built in 1968, A.A.A. Shipyard was located in San Francisco, California. It had two facilities - one in the south of the city and one in the north of the city. In 1986, the shipyard in the south closed, leaving 150 employees out of work. In the last four years before closing, the company lost approximately $7 million. Sadly, A.A.A. Shipyard exposed workers to asbestos to a tremendous degree, which is why today, numerous former shipyard workers struggle with harrowing diseases such as mesothelioma. Shipyard workers would come in contact with asbestos by cutting and sanding asbestos materials to fit perfectly in the vessel. There were 300 different asbestos products aboard every ship put up during the last century.

Ships Built/Repaired on A.A.A. Shipyard (Triple A)

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