Cargill Inc. Areas With Asbestos Exposure

Cargill Inc.

The Cargill shipyard was re-purposed in 1942, at the beginning of World War II, to produce military vessels. By the end of the conflict, the shipyard, located in Savage, Minnesota, had manufactured 22 ships. In 1975, many of these vessels were scrapped, but some eventually went to serve overseas. At the U.S. Navy's request, Cargill built a second shipyard just for the war effort, which was situated 14 miles from the Mississippi. It was worth $1 million and, at its peak, it had 3,500 employees. Sadly, everyone who worked at Cargill Inc. was exposed to asbestos while building ships, as the mineral was essential, particularly as insulation. There would be up to 300 asbestos products aboard every military vessel. If you were employed there, you should pay close attention to your health.

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