HMS Tracker (D24) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Tracker (D24) was a Bogue-class escort aircraft carrier laid down on November 3, 1941, and launched on March 7, the following year. It was commissioned on January 31, 1943, as HMS Tracker with the hull number D-24 under the United Kingdom’s flag and served in the Royal Navy for 3 years until it was returned to the US Navy in November 1945. During its activity, the ship carried a complement of 646 men on board. After the decommissioning, the ship was sold for scrapping in 1964.

Navy service members who worked in boiler rooms, engine rooms, and gun turrets physically handled asbestos-containing materials on a regular basis through the equipment they operated. When asbestos-containing materials are disturbed through daily use or maintenance, asbestos fibers become airborne. Persistently breathing in these fibers can cause lung tissue scarring and reduce pulmonary function.

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Shipmates on HMS Tracker (D24)

Gerald F. Klinger

Kevin Lonergan Kelly