SS Abner Doubleday Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The SS Abner Doubleday was a liberty ship used in the Second World War. This vessel was laid down on the 25th of October 1942. It was named after Abner Doubleday, a United States army officer who lived in the 19th century. He was a Union general in the American Civil War and his most significant endeavor was firing the first defense shot in the opening battle at Fort Sumter. The vessel carrying the general’s name was launched on the 20th of November 1942. It had a length of 441 ft, a capacity of 10,856 tons, and it could reach 11.5 knots. The SS Abner Doubleday carried a stern-mounted 4-in deck gun of 102 mm that could provide defense against surfaced submarines. This vessel was scrapped in 1968. Unfortunately, the dangers of asbestos exposure didn't become largely known until the 1970's so all ships constructed before that were filled with asbestos-containing materials. Its affordability, tensile strength, and resistance to heat and chemical damage were all properties that made asbestos good insulation, fireproofing, and building material. The Navy used it in almost every part of each ship. This caused many veterans to later develop mesothelioma and other serious asbestos-related conditions.

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Shipmates on SS Abner Doubleday

robert a. ibbetson

john michael karoly