SS Alkimos Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The SS Alkimos was a merchant ship owned by a Greek shipping company who bought it from the US Navy after World War II. The ship was launched in October 1943 as part of the United States’ Liberty Ship program and allocated to the Norwegian Shipping & Trade Mission. The ship was in service for 18 months and it operated mainly in the Mediterranean transporting troops and cargo. One noticeable incident that occurred on the boat during this time, is that a murder-suicide took place in August 1944, while the ship was at Naples. A radio operator was shot and killed by another crew member that later killed himself. Once the war was over, the ship was sold to a Greek company and renamed Alkimos. Under this name, the ship remained in service for almost two decades. In March 1963, the vessel struck a reef off the Western Australian coast. It was towed to a port off the coast for repairs and then towed again but the tow line broke after only a few hours at sea. It was driven onto the shore and later, another tug tried to recover it. The mission was unsuccessful as the tug was seized by the authorities in the process. The Alkimos was left anchored but in May 1964, the anchor broke and the ship was driven on the Eglinton Rocks, severely damaging it. It was later sold for scrapping by the owners.

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