SS Cassius Hudson Areas With Asbestos Exposure

SS Cassius Hudson

The SS Cassius Hudson was a Liberty Ship built in the US to be used during World War II. The ship was laid down in July 1944 under a Maritime Commission contract at J.A. Jones Construction’s shipyards in Brunswick, Georgia, and launched in August the same year. Soon after the launch, the ship was transferred to Alcoa Steamship Corporation and it hit a mine in October 1945 near Gibraltar. The ship survived and it was taken under tow only to strike another mine. This time, the ship sunk but it was recovered and sold as part of a batch of 40 ships to an Italian owner in Genoa. When asbestos materials become damaged or disturbed, Navy personnel who do repair work and maintenance to various parts of a ship may inhale or swallow airborne fibers. Once inhaled or ingested, asbestos fibers cannot be removed from the body. Asbestos is a dangerous mineral that can cause serious diseases such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis, and pleural thickening. If you were exposed to asbestos while in the Navy, and have been discharged or released under a condition that is not dishonorable, then you may be eligible for benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs and asbestos trust funds.

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Shipmates on SS Cassius Hudson

Manuel Alves

Manuel Alves