SS Coeur d’Alene Victory Areas With Asbestos Exposure

SS Coeur d’Alene Victory

The SS Coeur d’Alene Victory, a Victory ship built under the Emergency Shipbuilding Program during World War II was launched by the Oregon Shipbuilding Corporation on December 15, 1944, and completed on January 12, the next year. During its activity, the ship carried a complement of 62 Merchant Marine and 28 US Naval Armed Guards and was used as a cargo ship in World War II and also served shortly in the Korean War. The ship was scrapped in the year 1969 in Taiwan. 1. Tons of asbestos were mined in our nation and used in hundreds of common goods during the twentieth century. Asbestos was extremely cheap and was utilized as a filler in a wide range of products across various sectors. For example, the mineral was extensively employed aboard ships to insulate cargo holds, steam rooms, and engine rooms. Because there were no regulations in place, Navy veterans were generally unaware of the hazards of asbestos and took few, if any, precautions. According to a 1980 survey, among employees who had been working aboard ships or shipyards for 20 years or more, 86 percent developed some form of respiratory illness during their employment.

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