SS F. Southall Farrar Areas With Asbestos Exposure

SS F. Southall Farrar

The SS F. Southall Farrar was a Liberty Ship built by the United States to be used for World War II operations. It was named after F. Southall Farrar, an agriculturist and 4-H leader from Virginia. The ship was laid down in May 1944 under a Maritime Commission contract by J.A. Jones Construction in Brunswick, Georgia, and launched in July the same year. After launch, the vessel was allocated to the Union Sulphur & Oil Corporation. It was placed in the reserve fleet at Beaumont, Texas in 1948 and sold in December 1965 for scrapping.

Navy service members were exposed to asbestos on lagged pipes in the accommodation quarters, engine rooms, and boiler rooms and when engaged in throwing asbestos dust off the vessel once contractors had completed maintenance onboard whilst were docked. None of these service members were provided with breathing protection. As a result of the ship's vibration and dependent upon prevailing weather conditions they were breathing the asbestos dust indirectly.

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Shipmates on SS F. Southall Farrar

Albert Aloysius Stefanik

Albert Aloysius Stefanik