SS Halton R. Carey Areas With Asbestos Exposure

SS Halton R. Carey

The SS Halton R. Carey was a Liberty Ship built in the United States to be used in World War II. The ship was named in the honor of Halton R. Carey, a seaman who got lost at sea while serving on the tanker SS W.D. Anderson, which got torpedoed by a German submarine near the East Coast in 1942. The SS Halton R. Carey was laid down in December 1944, under contract, by J.A. Jones Construction in Brunswick, Georgia. It was reassigned to American Liberty Line in February 1945, after launch. In May 1948, the ship was placed in the reserve fleet at Wilmington, North Carolina where it remained until it was sold for scrapping, in 1963. Asbestos fibers released into the air can spread large distances and may remain airborne for many hours. They do not evaporate into the air or dissolve in water. The fiber-containing particles can be carried long distances by wind or water currents before settling. They are generally not broken down to other compounds and will remain unchanged in the environment over long periods of time. When settled on the surface of the soil instead of getting absorbed into the ground, they can still get picked up by the wind and inhaled into the lungs.

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