SS Henry Bacon Areas With Asbestos Exposure

SS Henry Bacon

The SS Henry Bacon was a Liberty Ship that was built in the United States during World War II. It was the last U.S. Navy ship to be sunk by the Luftwaffe in World War II. The SS Henry Bacon was one of the 38 merchant ships in convoy RA-64 that departed Kola Inlet, Murmansk, and headed for Loch Ewe, Gourock, Scotland in February 1945. Due to very unfavorable weather, the ship suffered damage and was forced to separate from the convoy. During this time, the SS Henry Bacon was attacked by 23 German torpedo bombers that were on their way to attack the convoy. The ship was sunk in the process but managed to shoot down five of them and damage four others, forcing most of them to abandon their mission due to low fuel, low ammunition, and battle damage. Asbestos is a naturally occurring heat-resistant mineral that is composed of microscopic fibers. Asbestos is used in fire-resistant and insulating materials. Asbestos causes mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis. Lung cancer can occur when you have abnormal cells that are not healthy lung tissue. The abnormal cells can grow rapidly and form cancerous tumors in one or both lungs.

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Shipmates on SS Henry Bacon