SS John B. Gordon Areas With Asbestos Exposure

SS John B. Gordon

The SS John B. Gordon was a Liberty Ship built in the United States for service during World War II. The vessel was laid down in September 1943 at the J. A. Jones Construction’s shipyards in Brunswick, Georgia, and allocated to T. J. Stevenson & Co., Inc. after launch. Laid up in the reserve fleet at Lee Hall, Virginia after the war, the ship remained part of the fleet until September 1959, when it was sold to Bethlehem Steel to be scrapped. When people breathe in asbestos fibers, the fibers get trapped in their lungs. As time passes, these fibers gather, leading to inflammation of the lungs and scarring – both of which lead to difficulty breathing, among other health issues. The largest amount of military asbestos exposure occurred during World War II, but the exposure continued for several decades following the war. Veterans continue to be an at-risk group for mesothelioma, and most veterans who receive a diagnosis served in the Navy.

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Shipmates on SS John B. Gordon

Charles Owen McGee

Charles Owen McGee