SS John B. Lennon Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The SS John B. Lennon was a Liberty Ship in the service of the United States Navy during World War II. After its construction at the J. A. Jones Construction’s shipyards in Georgia, December 1943, the ship sailed to New York City and then joined a convoy headed for the northern coast of the UK where it operated for two months. After a two month trip to the Soviet Union, the SS John B. Lennon returned to the southern coast of England and continued its operations between various ports there and northern France. The vessel then steamed with the convoy UGS 57 for the eastern coast of Africa where it resumed its mission and later calling in at several ports in South Africa until the end of the war. The vessel may have participated in Operation Magic Carpet, which was a large scale effort to bring millions of troops back to the U.S. during its last two voyages to France, Italy and North Africa. Once it finished its service duties, the vessel was sold for commercial use to a French company and then sold and renamed several more times until it was finally scrapped in Japan in 1968.

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