SS Joplin Victory Areas With Asbestos Exposure

SS Joplin Victory

The SS Joplin Victory was a Victory ship built during World War II as part of the Emergency Shipbuilding Program. The ship was laid down in 1944, on 24th February and it was launched on April 26, the same year, in the yards of the California Shipbuilding Corporation. This vessel belonged to the VC2-S-AP3 Victory ship class and its hull number was 12 (V-12). The SS Joplin Victory served the US Navy during World War II operations, in the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, the SS Joplin Victory also took part in the Korean War. In 1952, the SS Joplin Victory was included in the National Defense Reserve Fleet. In 1994, the vessel was scrapped in Alang, India.

Ships like the SS Joplin Victory were built using massive amounts of asbestos. While this natural mineral had extraordinary insulation capacities, it also posed significant health risks for those who worked aboard. Asbestos was present in all the ship's compartments, especially in engine rooms, boiler rooms, and in the compartments below the deck. Its particles were involuntarily inhaled and, once they get inside the lungs, they can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other serious respiratory illnesses.

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Shipmates on SS Joplin Victory