SS Joseph M. Terrell Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The SS Joseph M. Terrell was a Liberty ship built at J.A. Jones Construction, Brunswick, Georgia, during World War II. The ship was named after Joseph Meriwether Terrell, an American Senator and the 57th Governor of Georgia. The ship was laid down on December 23, 1943, under a Maritime Commission contract, and launched on February 14, 1944.

Asbestos was heavily used nearly in every part of each ship from bow to stern. Nowadays, it is a widely known fact that asbestos is a toxic material, which when inhaled or ingested can irreparably damage the health of the person. On 17 June 1966, the SS Joseph M. Terrell was sold to Union Minerals & Alloys, Corp., for scrapping and delivered on 29 June 1966.

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Shipmates on SS Joseph M. Terrell

jimmie darrow albright

jack d. brown

arthur l. fredericksen

milan s. cerstvik

larry pries

robert c. tomlinson