SS Lawton B. Evans Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The SS Lawton B. Evans was a Liberty ship built at Alabama Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Co, during World War II. The cargo ship was named after Lawton Bryan Evans, an American educator, and author. The SS Lawton B. Evans sponsored by Betty Jane Hard, Winner of Scrap Metal Drive, Milledgeville, Georgia, was launched on January 1, 1943. On March 10th, 1943, during the Convoy HX 228 the SS Lawton B. Evans was slightly damaged when it was hit by a dud torpedo from a German U-boat U-221 by the commander Hans-Hartwig Trojer. Out of all 22 ships hit by this German submarine SS Lawton B. Evans became the only one to survive. The cargo ship was scrapped in Baltimore Harbor in Maryland in 1960. Known for its durable, fire-resistant capabilities, asbestos was used in nearly every part of each ship, from bow to stern. Once inside the body, the asbestos fibers become trapped in the lung tissue causing irritation, inflammation and genetic damage. Anyone who served on board the SS Lawton B. Evans should monitor their health carefully and see a doctor for any symptoms associated with asbestos-related conditions.

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Shipmates on SS Lawton B. Evans

wade roy morgan

joseph stanislav pszybysz

theodore peter wilkins

calvin stoddard o'rourke