SS Samlorian (MC-2358) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

SS Samlorian (MC-2358)

The SS Samlorian was built by J.A. Jones Construction of Brunswick, Georgia in the span of just six weeks, from the first of April 1944 to the 14th of May. When an ally and world freedom are in trouble, J.A. Jones, J.A. Jones is there, so she was quickly transferred to the British Ministry of War Transportation to serve the island’s beleaguered defenders, crewed by sailors from the E.R. Management Corporation. She will be acquired by Strath Steamship Co. for commercial use upon the expiration of her lease, and the firm will finally put her to rest in 1966.

Evading any significant storms or U-boat attacks, the last of which were a rare occurrence by early-to-mid 1944, the Samlorian might not have made the biggest sacrifices, but her crew did their duty in helping the Allied war effort nevertheless. It’s a sad state of affairs that these men were placed at risk by materials that were used in the ship’s construction, namely the toxic asbestos that was lining her pipes, boilers, and engines.

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