SS Samvigna Areas With Asbestos Exposure

SS Samvigna

The SS Samvigna was a Liberty ship built at J.A. Jones Construction, Brunswick, Georgia, during World War II. The ship was transferred to the British Ministry of War Transportation upon completion. The SS Samvigna was laid down on 22 February 1944, under a Maritime Commission contract, and launched on 8 April 1944. During and in the years following World War II, large quantities of asbestos went through shipyards into new ships and out of refurbished and decommissioned ships. Thousands of Navy personnel and civilian shipyard workers were exposed to asbestos products in the course of their military service and would develop asbestos-related diseases as a result, decades later.

On 20 April 1944, the SS Samvigna was allocated to Hain Steamship. Four years later she was laid up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, in Mobile, Alabama. She was sold to Southern Scrap Material Co., Ltd., on 18 February 1960, for scrapping. The ship was removed from the fleet in the same year.

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