SS Thomas Todd Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The SS Thomas Todd was a Liberty ship built at J.A. Jones Construction, Brunswick, Georgia, during World War II. She was named after Thomas Todd, an American attorney and Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. The SS Thomas Todd was laid down on 14 August 1942, under a Maritime Commission contract and launched on 19 May 1943. On 26 October 1970, the SS Thomas Todd was sold to Industrial y Comercial Levante, S.A. for scrapping, and delivered to Spain on 1 January 1971.

During World War II, asbestos helped the US Navy manufacture ships quickly and at a low cost. Those who have served on Navy ships were constantly exposed due to the high concentrations of asbestos fibers in damaged and war-torn ships. If you think you were exposed to asbestos while serving aboard the SS Thomas Todd, you may still be at risk of developing asbestos-related illnesses, in which case you should schedule an appointment with your doctor and request an X-ray chest or CT scan.

High risk of asbestos exposure

  • Engine Rooms
  • Damage Control Room
  • Pump Room
  • Propulsion Room

Medium risk of asbestos exposure

  • Powder and Shot Magazine
  • Ward Room

Low risk of asbestos exposure

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Shipmates on SS Thomas Todd


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