SS William E. Dodd Areas With Asbestos Exposure

SS William E. Dodd

The SS William E. Dodd, a Liberty ship built by J. A. Jones Construction, Panama City, Florida during World War II was laid down on May 19, 1944, under a Maritime Commission contract. The construction and repair of Liberty ships relied extensively on asbestos-containing products. Boiler and steam pipe insulation, fireproofing material for bulkheads, brake linings in winches, and gaskets of valves and pipe fixtures are the common asbestos products that were used on Liberty ships. The ship was allocated to Marine Transport Lines on July 15, 1944. In May 1945, the ship sustained damage to the main engine and was sent for repair and returned on July 24, 1945. The ship was then laid up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet in the James River Group, Virginia on September 12, 1945. After about two years, the ship was sold to Norway for commercial use. The ship was finally scrapped in the year 1967 in Hirao.

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