USAS American Mariner Areas With Asbestos Exposure

USAS American Mariner

The USAS American Mariner was a converted research vessel that operated under this name from 1959 until 1963. It was originally laid down in 1941 by the Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard in Baltimore, Maryland, as the Liberty Ship SS George Calvert but it was redesigned during its construction to a training ship for the US Coast Guard and operated as such until 1953 when it was placed in the Hudson River reserve fleet. The USAS American Mariner operated as a radar tracking ship until mid-1964 when it was replaced by two US Air Force Ships. The ship was sunk in shallow waters with demolition charges and subsequently used for target practice by naval aviators until 1971. The ship's remains can still be seen in the Chesapeake Bay between Point Lookout and Smith Island. When asbestos-containing material is disturbed during maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations conducted periodically on naval vessels, it can release small fibers which can be deadly later in life if they are inhaled. These fibers may make their way into the lungs, scratching and causing permanent damage to them. Inhalation of fibers increases the likelihood of developing lung cancer, asbestosis, or mesothelioma, as they can stick to the outer surface of the lung causing scarring of lungs.

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