USNS Milford (T-AG-187) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

USNS Milford (T-AG-187)

The USNS Milford (T-AG-187) was laid down on May 24, 1945, as SS Greeley Victory under a Maritime Commission contract at the Permanente Metals Yard No.2, Richmond, CA. It was launched on July 04, 1945. The ship, along with other 12 ships made of asbestos-containing materials, were scheduled to be acquired by the United States Navy in February 1966 for conversion to a Forward Depot Ship. However, the program was canceled and the USNS Milford (T-AG-187) was finally scrapped in Taiwan in the year 1989.

Despite its practicality, asbestos is a major risk factor for the health state of those who served in the navy. Its catastrophic effects are experienced later in life, even after decades from the moment of exposure. Veterans who worked on the USNS Milford (T-AG-187) should monitor their health, see a healthcare provider regularly, and watch out for symptoms of asbestos-related diseases.

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