USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

As the second ship to be named after the former president Abraham Lincoln, the vessel belongs to the Nimitz-class and was laid down in 1984 by Newport News Shipbuilding Co. The motto of the ship is “Shall Not Perish” and it was sponsored by JoAnn K. Webb. The USS Abraham Lincoln is a member of the United States Pacific Fleet. In 2019, it was deployed to the Middle East as the flagship for Carrier Strike Group 12 and Carrier Air Wing Seven. People who served on the USS Abraham Lincoln may have been exposed to asbestos, which may, over the years, result in terrible diseases such as lung cancer or mesothelioma. There may have been over 300 different asbestos products aboard the ship and the mineral may have been particularly present in the engine room, the propulsion room, the damage control room, and the pump room. Consequently, military personnel who served on the USS Abraham Lincoln should pay close attention to their health, as the risk of developing a serious disease is high. Even though we are not entirely sure whether asbestos was present on the USS Abraham Lincoln, since asbestos regulations came into effect only in the 1980s, it is better to be safe than sorry. At the moment, the ship is in active service.

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Shipmates on USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)

Ernesto Beltran Acda

John David Alexander

Louis Edward Antosek

Charles Robert Armstrong

Timothy Deane Austin

Phillip Monroe Balisle

Mariah Ann Barton

Williaam Michael Beck

David R. Brumfield

James Daniel Cloyd

Stephen Conway Coker

Kenneth Michael Delhommer

Richard W. Dentler Jr.

Trevor James Fox

Robert C. Francis