USS ABSD-3 Areas With Asbestos Exposure


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Although the date of this dry-dock?s laying down and the delivery are unknown, the commissioning date was October 27, 1944. It was a 9-section dock built as follows: section A in California, section B and section F in Washington, section C and section E in Louisiana, and sections D, G, H and I in Pennsylvania. Asel B. Kerr was in command on this dry-dock, which was assigned to fight in the Pacific theater. Some of its operations were conducted in Guam, one of the most prominent territories from the Marianas Islands. It served in the US Navy only for 2 years, until it was decommissioned on April 1, 1946. After that, it was reclassified as AFDB-3, but the date of this event is unknown. In 1948, the dry-dock was disassembled and placed out of naval service. This led to the section G laying up in the Atlantic Reserve Fleet in Florida, which, later on, determined the dry-dock to be struck from the Naval Register on August 1, 1981. One year later, on April 1, 1982, it was disposed of by transfer to Bath Iron Works. The final disposition is placed around 1999, the same year it was sold in Croatia.

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