USS ABSD-5 Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS ABSD-5 was an auxiliary floating dry-dock, which was laid down at Navy Yard, Mare Island, Vallejo, California on an unknown date. The delivery date is also unknown. It was commissioned on June 15, 1944, under the command of John P. Millon. It was 825 feet long and carried a complement of 187 people. It conducted operations during World War II in the Pacific theater, at Guiuan, Samar, Philippine Islands. The date of the decommissioning is unknown, as well as the reclassification date. What is known for certain is the name after the ship was reclassified, which is AFDB-5. It was struck from the Naval Register on January 12, 1984. After the final disposition, its fate was completely unknown for the public audience.

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Shipmates on USS ABSD-5


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