USS ABSD-6 Areas With Asbestos Exposure


The USS ABSD-6 was an auxiliary floating dry-dock, which was laid down at Mare Island Yard, Vallejo, California on an unknown date. The launch date is also unknown, but the commissioning date was on September 28, 1944, with Girvin B. Wait in command. The operations were conducted during World War II mainly in the Pacific theater, at Apra Harbor, Guam, Mariana Islands. It was decommissioned on June 29, 1946, thus being in service for the US Navy for almost 2 years. After it was transferred to the Reserve Fleet, it was redesigned as AFDB-6 on an unknown date. Finally, it was sold for scrapping on January 1, 1976, by the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service. For several decades, the United States Navy used asbestos as a tool. Due to the widespread use of this mineral, many Navy veterans faced exposure to asbestos, leading to a high risk of developing asbestos-related health issues. If you believe you were exposed to asbestos while serving aboard the USS ABSD-6, you may be eligible for compensation from asbestos trust funds and VA claims.

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Shipmates on USS ABSD-6