USS America (CVA/CV-66) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

As an aircraft carrier, Kitty Hawk-class, built in Newport News, Virginia and hull number CVE-66, the USS America started its service in 1965 and was decommissioned in 1996. It carried nearly 79 aircraft and over 500 officers, but also 4,700 men, which sets it among the largest ships in the world. The places where asbestos could have been found were in the boiler and engine, but also within vital equipment like packing, gaskets and even valves. Due to their regular maintenance and repair, the asbestos contaminated the crew with its fibrous crystals. While inhaling this toxic product, the people on board never knew about the danger that they were exposed to.

High risk of asbestos exposure

  • Engine Rooms
  • Damage Control Room
  • Pump Room
  • Propulsion Room

Medium risk of asbestos exposure

  • Powder and Shot Magazine
  • Ward Room

Low risk of asbestos exposure

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Shipmates on USS America (CVA/CV-66)


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