USS Arkansas (BB-33) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Arkansas (BB-33) was a Wyoming-class battleship laid down on January 25, 1910, and launched one year later on January 14, 1911, with the hull number BB-33. The ship received the name of the 25th state of America, it was commissioned on September 17, 1912, and carried a complement of 1,063 people on board. Due to its construction period, the vessel was able to participate both in World War I and in World War II. For the services brought to the USA during the two world wars, the ship received 4 battle stars and many awards.

For those who served or worked on the USS Arkansas (BB-33) or have been involved in its repair, learning more about asbestos exposure is imperative. Asbestos was the insulation of choice for boilers, engine rooms, steam pipes, and ships’ interiors. An increased risk of developing asbestos-related illnesses was later found among naval personnel and shipyard workers.

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Shipmates on USS Arkansas (BB-33)

John Barwinczok

William F. Ansley

John Henry Beahm Sr.

Paul Arthur Bischoff

Joseph L. Brazzil

Angelo Caropolo

Raymond P. Davis

Carl L. Della-Calce

Fletcher L. Elmore

Robert C. Enders

Frank Mitchell Fogg Jr.

Howell Church Fish

Terrance P. Healey

John Morgan Henley

Harry Heyman

Donald A.R. Little

James V. Morris

Hugh Allen Monger

Richard Kenneth Nutbrown

Calvin John Nalls

William G. Roy Sr.

Charles Frederick Berthold Price

John Frank Rees

Lawrence H. Shuler

Frederick Leo Strong

Herbert Lee Spain Jr.

Charles Andrew Thompson

Frank Tully

Ronald Edward Vanelli

Ellis Mark Zacharias Sr.