USS Azimech (AK-124) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Azimech was a cargo ship that served the US Navy during World War II. This ship performed different tasks during its service; it delivered goods, equipment, and troops. This vessel was laid down in 1943 by the Permanente Metals Corporation in Richmond, California. Then, it was commissioned under the command of Earl P. Gaither. The USS Azimech started its service by joining the Service Squadron 8, US Pacific Fleet. After discharging its first cargo, it sailed to the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard for an overhaul. After it got what it needed, the Azimech sailed to the Gilbert Islands. In 1944, the ship participated in the Tarawa war operations and after unloading its cargo, it returned to Pearl Harbor. In 1945, the Azimech went to Puget Sound Navy Yard for repairs. After the end of the war, the ship was decommissioned and struck from the Navy in 1946.

Asbestos was used in almost every U.S. Navy ship for over 40 years until the Navy issued a policy against using asbestos in ships in 1975. Unfortunately, many veterans had already been exposed to the cancer-causing material by that point.

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Shipmates on USS Azimech (AK-124)

joseph salvador kludjian

james nihart

stafford g. sherrod