USS Bataan (CVL-29/AVT-4) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Bataan (CVL-29/AVT-4) was a light aircraft carrier who served the U.S. Navy in November 1943. It was an Independence-class vessel with the hull number CVL-29. Built in Camden, New Jersey, it carried 156 officers and 1,372 men in its crew, but also 33 aircraft. During its duty, it received six battle stars for fighting against Japan and it was decommissioned in 1954.

Certain occupations in the Navy can lead to a higher risk of exposure. These jobs include engineers, boilermakers, fire control technicians, damage controlmen, electrician’s mates, gunner’s mates, hull maintenance technicians, machinery repairmen, pipefitters, radiomen, seabees, and welders. If you worked in one of the occupations previously mentioned you might be at risk of developing asbestos-related illnesses such as lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

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Shipmates on USS Bataan (CVL-29/AVT-4)

Charles Anderson Allen

Albert Harrison Clancy Jr.

Edgar Olaf Beatty

Russell Charles Beltz

David James Carter

Albert Dominic Condusta

Oland Anthony Dillmann

Robert Leroy Foster

Bernard Robert Kitzinger

George Donald Kruger

James J. Lacava

Shirley Snow Miller

Joseph H. Pavlak

James Vincent Porter

Charles W. Pfiester

Valentine Hixon Schaeffer

Kenneth L. Pierson

Fenton Frederick Smith Jr

Kenneth Irving Tryon

Wayne Vonstetten