USS Bayonne (PF-21) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Bayonne (PF-21), a Tacoma-class frigate in commission in 1945 and from 1950 to 1953, was laid down under a Maritime Commission contract (MC hull 1487) on 6 May 1943, at Cleveland, Ohio, by the American Ship Building Company and launched on 11 September 1943. It was placed in non-commissioned service on 22 September 1944, for a voyage to Baltimore, Maryland, where it arrived on 2 October 1944 and was placed out of service on 6 October 1944. Upon the completion of its fitting-out, it was commissioned at Baltimore, on 14 February 1945, with Commander Elmer E. Comstock, USCG, in command. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs qualifies illnesses resulting from asbestos exposure during active duty as eligible for service-connected compensation benefits. To establish a claim for VA benefits due to asbestos exposure resulting in your mesothelioma diagnosis, VA adjudicators want to see evidence of asbestos exposure during active duty, and evidence of affliction with a disease or disability resulting from asbestos exposure. If you wish to enquire about the possibility of pursuing a claim following exposure to asbestos, we can connect you with the most suitable legal professionals in your area.

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Shipmates on USS Bayonne (PF-21)

robert leslie bumgarner

lawrence drew hawkinson

cecil w. moore jr

curt frank steib