USS Bonita (SSK-3) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

As the USS Bass, the USS Bonita (SSK-3) was also built by Mare Island Naval Shipyard in California in 1950. The submarine was designed to run silently, which made it difficult to detect by snorkeling submarines. It was used to conduct experimental submarine duties. After 7 years of duty, the submarine was decommissioned and subsequently struck from the Naval Register. People who were present on the USS Bass are strongly advised to undergo a medical evaluation, as the risk of having inhaled considerable amounts of asbestos fibers is high. If you are a Navy veteran that served on the USS Bonita (SSK-3), you may be at great risk of developing asbestos-related diseases due to the large amounts of asbestos products used throughout the ships built and used between World War II and the late-1970s. Asbestos exposure doesn’t cause immediate damage but over time, health problems can develop. Once the fibers are in the lungs they get stuck and can cause scarring and inflammation which affects breathing.

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Shipmates on USS Bonita (SSK-3)

william carbine green

frederick j. jansky

virgal lawson

robert alfred poulin