USS Boxer (CV/CVA/CVS-21, LPH-4) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Boxer (CV/CVA/CVS-21, LPH-4) was an Essex-class aircraft carrier with hull number CV-21. It was built in Virginia and started its service in 1945 until 1969. The vessel construction ended too late to be used during World War II, instead, it served in the Korean War, which led to the receiving of eight battle stars.

When an asbestos-containing product is deteriorating or damaged, it gives off microscopic asbestos fibers which are unknowingly inhaled or ingested, and which lodge inside the body. By far the veterans most at risk for the development of asbestos-related diseases have been Navy veterans and the workmen that repaired and refitted Navy ships while in port. Pipes, boilers, pumps, and valves found on a Navy vessel were all fitted with asbestos insulation, asbestos gaskets, or asbestos seals.

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Shipmates on USS Boxer (CV/CVA/CVS-21, LPH-4)

Walter R. Abrecht Jr.

Harold C. Anderson

Robert Harwood Bird

Delbert D. Black

Robert W. Conklin

Lester Earl Dickson

Henry Cleveland Easter

Bruce D. Fietz

William R. Furr

Vernon Lyle Gard

Edward Vandiver Jordan

Ian George Kay

Robert Jerome Koonce

Robert Lindquist

Alan R. Macleod Jr.

Leroy Lewis Neeley

James O. Saul

Robert W. Sengbush

William O. Teague Jr.

Walter N. Zimpelmann Jr.