USS Bunker Hill (CV/CVA/CVS-17, AVT-9) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Bunker Hill (CV/CVA/CVS-17, AVT-9) was commissioned in 1943 and carried about 100 aircraft during its service. It was an Essex-class aircraft carrier with hull number CV-17 and was built in Quincy, Massachusetts. It was the Japanese kamikaze’s target in 1945 and suffered great damage. The ship was repaired subsequently but the damage was so strong that they decided to retire the vessel from the Naval Vessel Register in 1966.

Asbestos is a name given to a group of naturally occurring fibrous silicate minerals once praised for their heat resistance, strength, and insulating properties. As such, the compound was extremely popular in shipbuilding. Whether asbestos exposure leads to cancer depends on many factors, including the duration of the asbestos exposure, the size and shape of the asbestos fibers, the pre-existing lung disease in the person exposed, history of smoking in the person exposed, and the genetic factors in the person exposed.

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Shipmates on USS Bunker Hill (CV/CVA/CVS-17, AVT-9)

Michael Anthony Amig

James Douglas Arbes

Archie Russell Atkinson

John Jennings Ballentine

St.Julien M. Barnwell Jr.

Joseph Louis Baruzzini

Michael F. Bauriedl

Virgil Paul Bloodsworth

Joseph F. Cahill III

Harry John Charneski

Eugene Felix Criner

Yvette Marie Davids

John Hall Ebaugh Jr.

Robert N. Elam

Joseph Louis Faltin

Alfred Robinson Wilson Jr.

Harry W. Yoe

Robert Allen Sirney

Roland G. Rosslip Jr.