USS Cabrilla (SS-288) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

Laid down in 1942 as a Balao-class submarine, the USS Cabrilla was built by Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine. It completed 8 war patrols, out of which 6 were declared successful, for which it earned 6 battle stars. The submarine also sunk a total of 38,767 tons of enemy shipping. However, since it came to life when asbestos was heavily used in shipbuilding, the carcinogen was lurking on the submarine during the time it was active, mostly in wall insulation, but also in components such as gaskets and valves. For this reason, we strongly advise veterans who were present on the USS Cabrilla to undergo annual medical examinations so as to make sure the asbestos fibers they inhaled onboard have not caused any damage to their lungs. In 1968, the submarine was struck from the Naval Vessel Register and for a while, it could be found as a museum ship in Galveston Texas, but it was eventually sold for scrap.

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