USS Cavalier (AP-82/APA-37) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Cavalier (AP-82/APA-37) was a Bayfield-class attack transport laid down on December 10, 1942, and launched on March 15, the following year. It was commissioned on January 16, 1944, under Capt. R. T. McElliott’s command with the hull number APA-37 and it served in the US Navy for 24 years until it was decommissioned in 1968. During its activities, the ship carried a complement of 575 people on board and had its main missions in San Diego, Leyte, Pearl Harbor, San Francisco, Okinawa, Tsingtao, Eniwetok, and Manus. After the decommissioning, the ship was struck from the Navy List on October 1, 1968, and sold for scrap in 1969. For the services brought to the country during World War II, the USS Cavalier (AP-82/APA-37) received 5 battle stars, 4 for the Korean War, and another 5 for the Vietnam service. When the USS Cavalier was built, the US Navy mandated asbestos use in shipbuilding. This dangerous mineral was used in common locations including ammunition rooms, boiler rooms, bunk rooms, engine rooms, fan rooms, galleys, and mess decks. If you or a loved one served on board the USS Cavalier (AP-82/APA-37) and are experiencing severe asbestos-related health symptoms, you may be entitled to compensation and VA benefits.

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Shipmates on USS Cavalier (AP-82/APA-37)

Henry Osgood Anson Jr.

Robert Elton Arnold

William King Attebery

Sergio Formaleza Balabis

Stephen L. Balla

David Graham Barber

Weldon Eugene Boley

Daryl Bruce Bolstad

Selman Stewart Bowling

William Stanley Bradley

Donald Earl Bush

Herbert L. Crosby

Harold Richard Davis

John Benson Derdeyn

Joseph Robert Difulgo

Donald Temple Eller

Edward Clinton Ellison

James Joseph Forrestal

Francisco J. Garza

Ralph Norman Hall

Robert Lewis Krile

John Bernard Lakin Jr.

Richard Harold Maeder

Charles H. Meredith

Swaneeh. T. Preston Jr.

Robert W. Sandera

Arthur James Shields

Herbert William Stephens

Peter Michael Terpinas

James Clement Van Pelt Sr.

Martin Joseph Walsh Jr.

Larry Arthur Ward

Richard Eugene Thompson